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Local Clubs SC - GA

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Low Country Desires
Outside Summervile, SC

Updated 04/12/20
We've attended.
Lowcountry Desires is an on premises club outside the Charleston area. Couples are 30’s to 50’s mostly locals as there is no place to sleep close to the club. Club has a full pool for pool parties in the summer, DJ dance area, lots of play rooms and some light appetizers for the night. BYOB but they have mixers for the most common drinks. Bring tips for the bartenders. The club opens normally one Saturday a month. Note: the pool parties are well attended.


Trapeze in Atlanta / Ft Lauderdale

Updated 04/12/20
We've attended both.
Trapeze in Atlanta may be the only legally zoned club in the USA. It’s an amazing club, everything is first rate. From their included in the price prime rib dinners to the upscale dance club facility. Play areas are well maintained and used heavily during the night. Trapeze is open during the week as well as every weekend. Special nights include single men nights that are well attended by ladies looking for that type of action. The club is BYOB and mixers are available for your drinks. Trapeze is not cheap, but you do get the proverbial “bang for you buck”


Swing Lifestyle

One of the best swinger websites in the US.
Lots' of couples everywhere, certifcations for couples and a "hot date" section, that we use often. It's also free to join... it does limit photos and other things until you join. 


In Columbia, SC

Update 9/22/20
Heard good things about this club but we have never been. Thought we should add the club as they have been around a while. 

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