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Southern Socials

Couples Swingers Clubs across the US are all up and down. Some are great clubs with great people. Others are dogs with very narrow people. We try never to say bad about anyone, so don't list clubs that we don't know or don't like. It's better to say nothing than to cause bad feelings. If we have not met the owner of a swingers club, we more than likely will not list that club either. Have fun!
Hugh & Judy

We are going
May 4 to 11, 2019 
Hedonism II - The most infamous party resort on the globe. 
Sexy Couples to crazy singles this resort is know for it's all out sexual debachury, It's all what you make it of course, but here you can have your pie and eat it too! All inclusive, even the diving. 

Desire Pearl

July 2018

We love Pearl, the ocean
views, the swim up bar, the amazing Hottub.. Pearl is just the place we
want to be.  Pearl is part of Desire so you know it's first class in fact in some ways it's better than Desire.  That plus the great couples that were there make this a must do

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One of the best swinger websites in the US.
Lots' of couples everywhere, certifcations for couples and a "hot date" section. It's also free to join... it does limit photos until you join.